Bitdefender provides end-to-end security to your device without affecting its speed as other antivirus does. Bitdefender is an excellent option if you want to safeguard your system by all means. It comes with advanced features and necessary tools like a quick virus scan, restricts malware sites, and unauthenticated access.

Bitdefender also ensures its consumers that no unwanted pop-ups or viruses in any form enter the territory of the device, providing them a safe web browsing experience. The antivirus software keeps your online activity safe and encrypted by all means. You can easily access the site of Bitdefender using the link central.bitdefender.com.

To get a Bitdefender subscription, you need to create a secure user account first. You have to provide your basic details in the Sign-Up form. After account creation, reach the installation and activation procedure, follow the on-screen directions to complete all the steps.

How to Create a Bitdefender User Account?

You should create an account using the web-link www.central.bitdefender.com for purchasing the product and for further installation processes.

Follow these steps if you want to create your Bitdefender account on your device:

●       Type the link central.bitdefender.com into the address bar.

●       Then, tap the Enter key.

●       Press the Create an Account option there and input these details:

  • Your name, including surname
  • Second and last name
  • Email address

●       Input all the information securely to avoid mishaps and then create a secure passcode to protect your account.

●       Read the Terms and Conditions page.

●       Tap on the "I Agree."

How to Download and Install Bitdefender Antivirus?

Here is how to download and install your Bitdefender antivirus software:

On Windows PC

Check that your device supports Bitdefender or not? Check the specs and necessary requirements page for installation that is available at www.central.bitdefender.com. Then, follow these download and installation steps for your Windows device:

●       Open any reliable web-browsing page and then enter central.bitdefender.com into the URL panel.

●       Tap on Login and enter all the necessary details.

●       Hit the My Subscription tab and check the account activeness there.

●       Go to My Device and tap the Install Bitdefender option appearing at the middle portion of your page.

●       After that, press the Download option and then tap on Got it.

●       Wait for a while to get the confirmation message.

●       Once the download completes, execute the file to enter the installation mode. Follow all the instructions and complete the installation process.

●       Once the file installation procedure completes, you can activate your subscription with ease.

On Mac Computer

●       Initially, open a web browser like Safari, and go to your account using an email address and password. You need to use the link www.central.bitdefender.com into the URL bar.

●       Once you have successfully log into your account, tap on the My Devices section.

●       Then, press the Install Bitdefender Protection tab.

●       Choose the option "Protect the device" by navigating the "Protect your Device" dialog box.

●       Tap on Download.

●       Press the "Got it" button.

●       Now, a Bitdefender agent file will be downloaded shortly.

●       Open the file and then double-tap the downloaded file.

●       Tap on Run to execute it for the installation.

●       Read and agree to the license agreement page.

●       Type the verification digits.

●       Hit the option Install Software if it asks for confirmation.

●       Now, your Bitdefender setup is successfully installed.

How to Activate Your Bitdefender Antivirus Software?

The under-offered instructions will guide you on how to activate the subscription on your device. You need to browse the site of Bitdefender using a reliable web browser and follow on-screen directions.

To activate your Bitdefender subscription, follow these steps:

●       Launch the web browser on your screen.

●       Now, browse Bitdefender Central via the link central.bitdefender.com.

●       Now, press the My Subscription option by navigating the left-hand side section of your page.

●       Then click on Next and proceed.

●       Hit the Activate tab displayed at the lower section of your window.

●       Now, input 7-10 digits of the activation key there.

●       Hit the Done tab and proceed.

●       Tap on the Protect the Device option and read the license agreement page.

●       Now, press the "I Agree" button.

●       Exit from the opened page.

Now, scan your device and browse any site with complete antivirus protection and features.